In this covid-19 emergency phase, the activities of the Sleeping Gems Association continue in remote mode and our Secretariat is always available to provide all the information on integrated service routes, either by email to the box or by phone to 338 6063210.

To provide a dedicated service we are preparing some appointments (direct remotely on Skype) to give advice and tips in the psychological and even food field. These meetings are curated by Dr. Emanuele Matteo Cerone (psychologist and psychotherapist) and Dr. Paola Belli (homeopath and nutritionist) respectively, alongside Dr. Grazia Fini (biologist and nutritionist).

Dates and times will be communicated from time to time through text messages, emails and social channels of Sleeping Gems.

In the meantime, those who are interested can contact us for inclusion in the participation list: in fact, to do a good service and also allow active interaction during meetings, we are preparing various groups of up to 6 people and with a few days' notice we can manage and activate appointments in digital mode with the relevant accounts of the participants.

But our remote work doesn't end there!

As already communicated, ordinary outpatient activity is temporarily suspended so as not to put patients' health at risk, but the emergency and conservation pathways continue with all precautions and in accordance with the official indications of the relevant bodies.

For urgent situations, you can do it in online mode, also via Skype application:

Initial advice on fertility preservation, for all patients who are undergoing chemotherapy or any cancer treatment

A check of previously prescribed examinations for patients in follow-up

We remind everyone that the Association of Sleeping Gems Onlus adheres and recommends the consultation only of the OFFICIAL FONTIES OF UPDATE AND INFORMATION:

Ministero della Salute

Istituto Superiore di Sanità

Protezione Civile

AIFA – Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco

Sites of the Health Assessors of the different regions.

In this regard, we would like to point out that Gemme Dormenti Onlus is part of the Active Participation Group of Patient Associations set up by the Regione Lazio. It is a very important participatory initiative carried out with a regional directorate, chaired by the Councilor for Health and Social Integration, which consults and involves different patient associations on medical-health topics, activating tables dedicated to specific issues and pathologies with the participation of representatives of professionals, scientific societies and other stakeholders. A considerable result achieved in recent weeks concerns the streamlining of prescription drug procedures through the dematerialization of prescriptions: in order to limit travel and reduce the spread of coronavirus, it is possible to obtain from your family doctor the "Electronic Recipe Number" (NRE) with which to withdraw the drugs charged by the NHS directly in the pharmacy, without the need for a paper prescription.

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